Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here is my finished project (started last night... finished today) I call it "Family Framed" lol It's 2 piece framed set. I bought these frames at Dollar Tree They are 9"x9" frame ... they are black with silver detail... and cost $1 each... I think you could do up like 4 or more and use it on a wall as 1 big collage....

I used the CTMH Huntington paper, and folded to see both sides... added a clear detail piece (sorry not sure where I got it, the f - Family piece), a few square brads, you can use eyelets as well, a fun picture of our family at a reunion that I changed the color to a sepia tone, a def of family bubble sticker (Hobby Lobby) and stamped is from the CTMH Swirls around flair pack in the CTMH black ink... Very simple & Very nice piece of art.

This one was so EASY!! i wanted our family Initial to go with my other framed piece, So I Google'd the letter S - images... This image was one of many... this was actually a free download from (Mary Cobets - Needle & Thread), to be used for a Hand embroidery monogram... Perfect for what I wanted... Took colors from the Huntington collection and colored the letter in... printed it on a 4x6 photo paper and ta da!!! Awesome piece of art...

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